Probiotics & Starter Cultures

McCann Food & Health is the UK distributor of probiotics and starter cultures for the Belgian company THT S.A. As such we are able to supply dozens of different probiotic and starter cultures, used in health and food ingredients and as animal feed additives.

We also offer a bespoke production service for customer’s own bacterial strains together with technical advice on formulations.

Most freeze-dried bacteria are delivered in bulk, however a variety of packaging can be specified to suit customers’ needs. Capsules, sticks, tablets or sachets can be supplied, which may be contained in blister packets, jars or boxes. The customer’s own logo and information can be printed on the packaging.

Quality is a key factor in delivering value to our customers. THT S.A. is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. Certain products can be certified as organic by Certisys;

The product range is based around 30 strains, suited to different applications:

Probiotics – Human Applications

Starter and Bio-protective Cultures

Probiotics – Animal Applications

For full information on the products and services offered by McCann Food & Health, in conjunction with THT S.A., please visit